Tomasz Wyderka

Profession: Software Inventor

Since 2005 I hold Master of Software Engineering. My clients say I'm very good programmer. But I was working for huge devision of well known company for too long. One day I quit and start freelancing. Since then everything is amazing!

I'm too ambitious to be locked in a slow processes of big corporations. Too active to stay as passive member of a team. I have to do job which challenges my inventing skills.

In 2010 I started my own company and I'm doing very innovative stuff here. My ideas are about user interfaces and improving programming process. I don't have enough time. But that's positive thing! I'm using Zen to Done methodology to stay organized.

Since the beginning of my programming adventures, around 2001, I've started using Linux and I never stopped. Open source systems like GNU or Linux are incredibly creative and inspiring. And one can adopt solutions from it to any other platform easily.

If you are programmer and want to ask me what tools (programming languages) I use, I have to say it is rather irrelevant. Computer languages are very similar and writing your idea down is more important than methods you use. OK, I'm using Python mostly because I found it fastest in development.

And my biggest hobby is rock climbing. I love adrenaline!


You can contact me by contact form on this page, or by my Google+