let's talk about my software ideas

CSS-On-Diet is a preprocessor for CSS files. The key feature are mnemonics for frequently used properties and value names. Other goodies include optional colons and semicolons, nested and one line comments, easy defines and macros, arithmetic calculator.

Advanced RegEx tutorial for Python

Regular Expressions (RegEx) are powerful programmer's tool. With one line of text we can accomplish what would require 100 lines of normal code. Unfortunately RegEx are very complicated. Here is my compressed tutorial about "advanced" Regular Expressions for Python programming language.

Naming Standard not only for Python

This is cunning naming convention. I've created it for Python at first, but it can be easily applied to other languages. The key characteristict is in fast distinction between types of the names. class, function, object or constant name can be spotted right away.

Readability of source code is decreasing when project is getting bigger. The aim of this tool is to make code more easily readable and understandable. In other words it is trying to put big projects more under control.

Metallic Bottle is colour scheme for programmers editors. It has white background and matches very common GTK theme called "Radiance". Version for Geany 1.22 editor is available.

Readable Python

Python code is easily readable. But nothing is perfect and you can make even that code more clean. Here you can find my best two techniques for Python code. What about PEP8? I really don't find it useful...

I will try to explain how to use whitespace characters and quoting in shells like bash. I'm programming in Python, C, Java, Perl and other normal computer languages. And I've found myself many times in a big problem just doing simple things in the shell. Why?

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