PlayWM - power of adjusting together with beauty of ready solution

Welcome everybody to PlayWM!

PlayWM is a window manager which was intended to play with its configuration. This way every curious user, not only advanced linux geeks, can change how looks and behave his desktop and windows on it. Also if you don't have time to read all documentation, PlayWM is fast startup.

How to play? After staring PlayWM first time, go to ~/.playwm directory and read START.txt file.

In ~/.playwm directory you can find all configuration files for different components of PlayWM. PlayWM is like LEGO toys. It is build from different application joined in one place, and well documented.

To play with PlayWM we need to change those files, using documentations provided inside those files. It is possible because documentation is clear and written as a comments.

Have fun!

PlayWM - window managers for play

Installation on Ubuntu

You can install PlayWM on Ubuntu computer using PPA method. Just type following commands in the terminal window:

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:wyderka-t/playwm
sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install playwm

Installation on any Linux system (from source code)

Download Latest PlayWM source code tarball. Read INSTALL.txt file for details.