About us

Most interesting for us is doing software differently. Our passion are ideas about software and software development. Especially those very innovative. Sharp edge of new and risky territory give us adrenaline for performing at maximum power.

Our software ideas are mostly from two fields:

user interfaces, human interaction with computer

COFOH stands for Computer for Human and here we know that computers/phones/websites can do much better. Graphical User Interfaces (GUI) can be much more intuitive and natural for daily usage. Our ideas simplify creation of better User Experience (UX).

IT work improvement, solutions for programmers

Some programing languages are as old as computers. We are trying to break outdated programming habits and look out of the box. And believe me, the boxes in IT world are thick and very regular.

Except ideas and innovation we are developing ordinary/profitable software solutions. Our expertise is focused on two subjects:

software for Linux (Unix) systems, servers

Linux is amazing world with endless power. It is our primary platform for many years. In portfolio we have servers performing parallel tasks, GUI applications made in QT, GTK, WX widgets and much more.

solutions for scientists and laboratories

Our clients very often are physicists and chemists and they say we are very good in implementing their's ideas. Also controlling hardware laboratories matches our Linux oriented skills.

Most of the work for COFOH is done by me, but sometimes I need to ask my friends for help. Find more information on my profile: Tomasz Wyderka