Linkam Controller - Cross-Platform Server For Linkam Stages

Stages from Linkam Scientific Instruments are very well build and their's functionality is enormous.

Linkam stage DSC600

Unfortunately I cannot say the same about Linkam software called Linksys32. It works only on MS Windows, doesn't allow connection from other laboratories applications and it's far from user friendly.

That's why we've created the Linkam Controller

Linkam Controller - Multi-Platform Server

Linakm Controller ver. 1.7

Linkam Controller works on Windows, Mac, Linux and other UNIX-based systems. At first it allows access the stage from the command line.

Linkam controller shell

But most importantly it can be accessed from you laboratory application by sending text commands over an IP connection. So it doesn't even be on the same computer where is your software.

Linkam controller integration

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